Eigenlayer Landscape Post Cap Raise

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We have closely monitored EigenLayer over the past few weeks. As highlighted in our earlier reports, EigenLayer initiated their latest cap raise on February 5th. This increase enabled a 200k ETH capacity for both existing and newly introduced liquid staking tokens. Among the new tokens introduced in this round are sfrxETH, mETH, and LsETH.

Here is an overview of the complete range of tokens currently supported for deposits on EigenLayer:

Since the raise in caps, Total Value Locked (TVL) has seen an impressive jump to $3.6 billion, a $2.6 billion increase since February 5th. 

A full breakdown of EigenLayer’s TVL journey since inception is illustrated in the chart below;

As to garner a greater understanding of the core contributing assets in this increase of TVL, we can further break it down by TVL per respective asset

As illustrated, Lido's stETH currently accounts for 56.6% of the total TVL on EigenLayer. A significant contribution to Lido's TVL was recently made by Justin Sun, who deposited 109,327 stETH ($259 million) into EigenLayer.

Mantle's mETH has significantly increased its TVL as a newcomer, a development that aligns with expectations following their impressive TVL growth. This surge was catalysed by their double dose yield incentive, a topic we explored in detail in one of our previous dedicated articles.


EigenLayer's recent increase in capital capacity has markedly influenced the liquid staking token landscape. Following the cap raise initiated on February 5th, EigenLayer's TVL experienced a substantial rise, reaching $3.6 billion, a significant growth of $2.6 billion from the outset. This enhancement reflects both the platform's expanded capability and the growing confidence and engagement from the investment community. Notably, Lido's stETH comprises 56.6% of EigenLayer's total TVL, highlighting its central role within the ecosystem. This is exemplified by significant contributions from investors such as Justin Sun, who alone added 109,327 stETH ($259 million) to Lido's TVL. Furthermore, the swift TVL increase of newcomers like Mantle's mETH showcases the vibrant and adaptive nature of the liquid staking sector. Driven by strategic incentives and the diversification of EigenLayer’s supported tokens, these developments highlight the platform's continued commitment to innovation and expansion.

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