Daily Recap 2-2

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The Department of Justice has charged three individuals in the United States with conducting a SIM-swapping scheme that diverted over $400 million from FTX as the crypto exchange went into bankruptcy. By intercepting text messages, including those for multi-factor authentication, they were able to access the financial accounts and cryptocurrency wallets of their victims. Link

In January, the U.S. unemployment rate remained steady at 3.7%, against a forecast of 3.8%. Non-farm payrolls rose by 353,000, surpassing expectations of 180,000 and the prior figure of 216,000. Link

Arkham reports that on February 2nd at 22:12 UTC+8, Grayscale moved 1768.7 BTC, valued around $75 million, to Coinbase Prime Deposit's address and shifted 2665.6 BTC to a suspected new custody address owned by Grayscale. Link

SoSoValue reports that on February 1st, Bitcoin spot ETFs saw a net inflow of $38.45 million, marking the fifth straight day of inflows. Excluding Grayscale GBTC, which experienced a net outflow of $182 million, the other nine ETFs combined had a net inflow of $220 million. Link

OPNX, a centralized trading platform established by the creators of Three Arrows Capital, is set to cease operations this month. The firm advises its clients to liquidate their holdings by February 7th and to withdraw their assets. The Founders have transitioned their new ventures to the blockchain-based derivatives marketplace, OXFUN. Link


$RON - Coinbase Assets has included Ronin in its development roadmap. Link

$DYM - Airdrop is scheduled for next week. Link

$PYTH - Listed on Binance with seed tag applied. Link

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