Daily Recap 1-5

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Beaconchain data revealed a record surge in Ethereum's validator exit queue, exceeding 16,000 with a 5.6 day wait. Link

Today, a significant expiry of options is occurring: 22,000 BTC options (Put Call Ratio: 0.62, max pain: $43,500, notional value: $960 million) and 255,000 ETH options (Put Call Ratio: 0.54, max pain: $2,300, notional value: $580 million). The market shows a notable uptick in short-term Implied Volatility with implied volatilities soaring above 80%. Link

VanEck plans to invest long-term in Bitcoin and will donate 5% of profits from its proposed Bitcoin spot ETF to Bitcoin Core developer Brink for a minimum duration of 10 years. Link

Marathon, one of the largest public mining companies, announces a personal record in BTC mined for a 12 month period throughout 2023. Link

Protocol Developments:

$ANT, Coinbase delisting - Coinbase conducts routine evaluations of assets to verify their compliance with listing criteria. Following their latest assessment, they have decided to halt trading of Aragon (ANT) starting January 5, 2024. Link

$BLUR - The window to claim Season 2 airdrop comes to an end.

$RUNE - Thorchain published its 2024 roadmap. Link

$KAS - Testnet 11 launch to take place on January 7th. Link

$DYM - Aaevoxyz becomes the first and only venue to trade $DYM prelaunch perpetuals. Link


CertiK, known for its security audit services, faced a security breach on its Twitter account. This compromised account was being used to distribute malicious links and prompting users to sign malicious transactions on their digital wallets. Furthermore, the link to CertiK's Discord channel on their website was tampered with, leading users to a counterfeit Discord server filled with more deceptive phishing prompts. Link

Disclaimer: This research report is exactly that — a research report. It is not intended to serve as financial advice, nor should you blindly assume that any of the information is accurate without confirming through your own research. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets are incredibly risky and nothing in this report should be considered an endorsement to buy or sell any asset. Never invest more than you are willing to lose and understand the risk that you are taking. Do your own research. All information in this report is for educational purposes only and should not be the basis for any investment decisions that you make.