Daily Recap 1-4

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Celsius continues to send $ETH to Coinbase totaling 20,000 $ETH within the last 24 hours. Link

Founded by former Citigroup executives, Receipts Depositary Corporation is launching Bitcoin-backed securities, named Bitcoin Depositary Receipts. These are similar to American Depositary Receipts for foreign stocks and reportedly don't need U.S. regulatory approval. Link

Valkyrie files registration of securities with the SEC for its Bitcoin ETF. Link 

Huboi Korea shuts down citing business difficulties Link

Binance US hires a new Chief Compliance Officer to lead compliance efforts such as KYC, AML and sanction programs. Link

Protocol Developments:

$ARB - Arbitrum Orbit chains now support custom gas tokens. This update enables Orbit chains to utilise any ERC20 token for transaction fees, facilitating the development of dynamic native economies for projects. Link

$MEME - Binance Labs revealed its financial backing for Memeland's primary ecosystem token, known as Memecoin (MEME). Link

$BNB - HardFork for Greenfield Testnet. The Manchurian update reflects BNB Chain's dedication to offering a user-friendly and efficient platform. It includes rolling out new features, fixing bugs, and incorporating community input as part of this ongoing initiative. Link


GammaStrategies, an Arbitrum concentrated liquidity management protocol, experiences a $4.5m exploit. Link

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