Daily Recap 1-30

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Arkham data reports that Grayscale transferred 4,418 BTC, worth around $191 million, to an address believed to be Coinbase Prime Deposit at 22:20 UTC+8 today. Link

In mid-January 2024, German police, during a tax investigation into commercial piracy websites, seized about 50,000 Bitcoins valued at approximately US$2.17 billion. This marks the largest Bitcoin seizure by German law enforcement to date. The future disposition of these Bitcoins remains undecided. Link

Abracadabra Money's stablecoin MIM experienced a sudden drop to $0.76 following a reported $6.5 million exploit. Link

Zhimin Qian, faces charges in the UK for money laundering. According to the Financial Times, she's accused of defrauding £5bn from over 128,000 Chinese investors between 2014 and 2017, converting the funds to Bitcoin and fleeing to London in 2017. She has since left the UK. Link


$PUFFER - Binance Labs has invested in Puffer, a protocol that merges Ethereum liquid staking with EigenLayer's native restaking. This integration will enable BNB Chain users to access Puffer's native liquid restaking token, offering them opportunities to earn rewards from Ethereum's Proof of Stake and restaking mechanisms. Link

$CELO - Circle plans to launch its USDC stablecoin on the Celo Network to enhance real-world asset capabilities. Link

$OP - Unlocked 2.5% of its circulating supply today. This comprises $39.27 million for Core Contributors and $35.14 million for Investors. Link

$XLM - Voting on the Stellar network for the Mainnet upgrade to Protocol 20 involving $XLM. Link

$COTI - Introduces CotiNetwork v2. Link

Disclaimer: This research report is exactly that — a research report. It is not intended to serve as financial advice, nor should you blindly assume that any of the information is accurate without confirming through your own research. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets are incredibly risky and nothing in this report should be considered an endorsement to buy or sell any asset. Never invest more than you are willing to lose and understand the risk that you are taking. Do your own research. All information in this report is for educational purposes only and should not be the basis for any investment decisions that you make.