Daily Recap 1-18

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In Q4 2023, Tether acquired 8,888 BTC, increasing its total to 66,465 BTC valued at $2.8 billion. The company plans to continually invest a part of its profits in BTC. Link

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has decided not to permit a Bitcoin spot ETF listing in Singapore, citing Bitcoin's ineligibility as an asset for ETFs there. However, retail investors may still purchase U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs via licensed intermediaries. Link

Greeks live analysis indicates that the short-term effects of the ETF's approval have mostly subsided. BTC volatility has hit a recent low, with key metrics like RV and IV significantly decreasing and short-term IV falling below 45%. Link

The judge has not yet decided on the SEC's lawsuit dismissal request against Coinbase, with a final verdict anticipated in the coming weeks. The central matter is whether transactions involving around a dozen cryptocurrency tokens constitute unregistered securities. Link


$MATIC - Celsius Network has deposited 25.75 million MATIC (around $21.26 million) to CEX recently with its remaining holdings at 34.09 million MATIC, valued at approximately $27.56 million. Link

$FRAX - Frax Finance plans to introduce the L2 blockchain “Fraxtal” in February, featuring a lending platform, an automated market maker, the inflation-linked stablecoin FPI and the liquid staking token frxETH. Link

$WOO - Woo announced that they have raised $9 million from market making investors, one of which is Wintermute. Link

$AXS - 2.53% of the circulating supply is unlocked today. Link

$WIF - Listed on Binance perpetual futures. Link

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