Daily Recap 1-12

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Today 36,000 BTC options with a 0.9 Put Call Ratio, a $45,000 Maxpain point and a $1.68 billion notional value are set to expire. Similarly, 262,000 ETH options, carrying a 0.64 Put Call Ratio, a $2,400 Maxpain point, and a $680 million notional value, are also due for expiry. Link

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, expressed support for an Ethereum ETF in a CNBC interview today, viewing it as a step towards tokenization, which he believes is the future trajectory. He also clarified his view of cryptocurrency, noting it as an asset class rather than a currency. Link

SkyArk Chronicles, a 3A gaming platform, recently secured $15 million in funding. The round was headed by Binance Labs, with notable contributions from entities such as; VividThree, GuildFi, Jambo and BreederDAO. Individual investors included people such as Bryan Pellegrino of LayerZero, Wangarian from Tangent Ventures and S.Y. Lee, CEO of Story Protocol. Link

Grayscale transferred 4,000 BTC, valued at $183 million, to a deposit address at Coinbase Prime. Notably, the fee for Grayscale's Spot Bitcoin ETF stands at 1.5%, significantly higher than many competitors. This move might indicate investors either reallocating their holdings to different ETFs or engaging in regular sales. Link

Protocol Developments 

$OP - Yesterday the Optimism Collective awarded 30 million $OP tokens to contributors involved in developing the public goods that sustain the network. Link

$APT - 2.48% of total supply is unlocked today. Link

$APE - Apecoin Dao discusses a prospective zk-Powered Polygon Layer-2 to support ApeCoin growth. Link


Wise Lending was exploited for ~170 ETH today. Link

Disclaimer: This research report is exactly that — a research report. It is not intended to serve as financial advice, nor should you blindly assume that any of the information is accurate without confirming through your own research. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets are incredibly risky and nothing in this report should be considered an endorsement to buy or sell any asset. Never invest more than you are willing to lose and understand the risk that you are taking. Do your own research. All information in this report is for educational purposes only and should not be the basis for any investment decisions that you make.