Daily Recap 1-10

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December saw a 27.4% month-over-month increase in spot trading volume for major exchanges with Gate up 65%, Crypto.com 50%, and Bybit 44%. Derivative trading volumes rose 22.3%. This rise was led by Crypto.com at 46%, Bitget 42% and lastly Binance at 26%. Link

- Bitcoin ETFs approved by the Securities Exchange Commission

- Phoenix Group, a UAE-based Bitcoin mining firm, has acquired mining rigs from Bitmain for $187 million. This is following a recent $136 million purchase from Bitmain's rival Whatsminer. Link

- The Indian government issued show-cause notices to Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Kraken, Gate.io, Bittrex, Bitstamp, MEXC Global and Bitfinex. They have been removed from the Apple Store. Link

- Ten Hong Kong asset managers are considering launching spot crypto ETFs, according to HashKey's COO. Link

- CBOE says spot Bitcoin ETFs will start trading tomorrow. Link

Protocol Developments:

EigenLayer - Introduces 3 new LSTs; FraxFinance Ether (sfrxETH), 0xMantle Staked Ether (mETH) and Liquidcol Staked ETH (LsETH). Link

$MNT - Mantle has 25000 mETH capacity left. Link

$SSV - Mainnet call was hosted today at 2pm UTC. Link

$STRK - The Starknet v0.13 upgrade is now live on mainnet. This upgrade cuts costs with more efficient transactions and readies the platform for STRK fee payments. $STRK is not yet usable as Gas. Link 

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