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Aevo is a decentralised exchange platform specialising in derivatives, such as options and perpetual contracts.It leverages a custom EVM roll-up connected to Ethereum. This setup combines an off-chain order book with on-chain settlements, aiming to offer traders high performance and low latency, while still maintaining Ethereum's security features. 

Aevo provides a range of products, including options and perpetual futures, all accessible through a single margin account. Since launching in 2020, Aevo has handled over $10 billion in options trading volume. The platform utilises an off-chain order book for trade operations, with settlements executed on a layer-2 solution to ensure a non-custodial trading process. 

Additionally, Aevo provides an option for Aevo USD (aeUSD), offering up to 4.75% APY on stablecoin deposits and incorporates advanced trading tools and vaults. 

Unique Depositors Growth: 

Aevo Farming Program 

In the upcoming weeks, Aevo will also launch its first Farming Program, aimed at rewarding its community.

Previously, Aevo's trading volume growth relied on referral bonuses and trading events, without a structured incentives program. Recognising the potential for users to be overwhelmed by numerous points programs in the crypto space, Aevo has decided against adopting a similar approach. Instead, the focus will be on a Farming Program that allows users to earn $AEVO tokens before the official airdrop.

Program specifics

The program will evaluate participants based on their trading volume, fees paid and consistent engagement with the platform. A key feature, the "Farming Boost," will provide a multiplier effect on rewards, encouraging active and loyal use of Aevo.

The initiative is set to start soon, offering an opportunity for users to increase their potential rewards by trading more actively on Aevo.

Eligibility for the $AEVO airdrop extends to all users who have traded on Aevo. The Farming Program presents an additional chance for these users to enhance their rewards.

AEVO Airdrop

After the Farming Program concludes, Aevo Exchange users will be able to claim their earned $AEVO tokens including any rewards accumulated during the program. The initial liquidity for the $AEVO token will also be established by the DAO.

In preparation, Aevo is finalising the details of the Farming Program and completing audits on the $AEVO token contract and the $RBN to $AEVO conversion contract. A delay has led to adjustments in the conversion process timeline, pending a governance decision.

Upcoming Updates

  • The $AEVO token contract is ready, with liquidity seeding planned once all preparations are finalised.
  • The Farming Program launch is imminent, encouraging users to boost their rewards through increased trading activity.
  • Participants will soon begin to earn $AEVO tokens at rates influenced by their Farming Boost.
  • Liquidity for $AEVO will be initiated by the DAO.
  • A staking program for $AEVO tokens will also be rolled out.

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